megan seres

Megan Seres is an emerging artist, living and working in Regional NSW.  She attained a BFA (1st Class Honours) from the National Art School, Sydney.  

Inspired by artists from the 17th to 19th century that include the movements of Baroque, Rococo and Dark Romanticism, Megan’s oil paintings are dedicated to awakening the senses through transporting the viewer into another world. She plays with fragmented memories, the ambiguous notion of identity and draws on the visual impression and emotional response of each work to guide her. The theme of uncertainty looms large within her figurative and abstract works and in creating intangible fragmentations she plays with the concepts of who we are.

In the pursuit of understanding social structures that include memory, adornment, beauty, objectification, oppression, displacement, isolation and the environment, Megan seeks the intersection between past, present, future and its residual interchange. The interplay between movement and stillness, beauty and horror, light and dark, the real and imaginary, conscious and unconscious, repression and passion, and the veiled and visible are tied to the Dark Romanticism movement of the 18th century and its response to Romanticism. “In a metaphorical sense, a deep fear is generated if we’re blind-folded and we are left in the dark whilst those around us are able to see. My work attempts to bring light into this darkness”

"Many of my paintings to date are drawn from 17th to 21st century discourse and motifs found in art, poetry, texts, fashion and films.  My response to this is to paint through layering, fusing and erasure which disturbs the human form and surrounds. Working with my own photographs or found images I reinterpret these into paintings, referencing the old masters use of chiaroscuro (light & dark), oils, mediums and glazes. The use of charcoal, ink, graphite and colour pencils are used in drawing whilst various mediums such as ceramics, wax, felt, hair and various other substances may be used in sculpting along with found objects.

Experimentation within my art practice has become a key component in creativity which helps to express the unique power of ambiguous narratives and the exploration of the boundaries between what is observed, what is imagined and what is hidden or forgotten is of enormous importance to my work."