26th September 2015

To Whom it may Concern


I have great pleasure in writing a reference for Megan Seres who worked for me as an artist’s assistant in the years 1998 through to 2003.


During these five and a half years I observed that Megan had an innate ability to adapt to many artistic disciplines and practices. No matter how challenging the concept or idea she was able to materialize it into a reality that had the qualities of being a polished and convincing work of art.


Megan displayed an attention to detail and a persistence and determination ‘to get things right’. Her standards of finish were extremely high and her rigor and discipline towards the completion of the artwork meant that any exhibition where I showed my artworks that had involved Megan I could be confident of the high quality of execution.


There was also an acute critical edge to Megan’s understanding of the marriage between concept and technical approach. The two aspects had to marry together and Megan was extremely capable in thinking through the associated problems. This can be attributed to her keen eye for aesthetics and natural feeling for materials.


It was always a pleasure to work alongside Megan, as she was a hard worker with a very warm and positive disposition that was accompanied by an honest and caring nature.


I always look forward to seeing Megan’s exhibitions whenever she sends out an announcement and I continue to look forward to seeing how her work unfolds and develops.


Yours sincerely

Marion Borgelt


Marion Borgelt