myths magic and tales

MEGAN Seres is an emerging artist living in Regional NSW and her work is currently on show at the Shoalhaven City Arts Centre.

She studied at the National Art School with 1st Class Honours and her work has been selected for the Blake, the Mosman Art Prize and the Archibald to name just a few. Her art work has also been featured in the popular TV Series, Love My Way.

Megan won the Westpac Redlands Art Prize and the Sydney Airport Prize and was awarded the Bundanon Residency. Her work is featured in collection in Australia, New Zealand, New York and London.

Megan tinkers with tales to create her own scenes of enchanted woods, human-like mythical beings and creatures, foreboding landscapes, figures floating in dark spaces, portraits of the lost and curious worlds.

They are a flight into the wilderness of a bygone era of the strange and fantastical, refusing to succumb to the rule of reason.

Jo O'Dowd Fairfax Media, South Coast Register, March 18 2016 p.2