21st August, 2015                                                                 

To Whom It May Concern

I am delighted to write a letter in support of Megan Seres, an artist I have known and collected for a number of years now.

I first saw Megan’s work when she graduated from NAS in 2004.   As an art collector of some twenty years, her talent and unique vision immediately impressed me.  There is darkness to her work that is mixed with a luminous quality of light. The works challenge the viewer but paradoxically invites a seductive play of intimacy.  The materials are thick and rich, firmly rooted in traditional forms of painting.

Her owl series was particularly visceral - the owl, an imposing and mystical creature, looking directly at the viewer defiantly questioning who is the spectator. 

Megan’s portrait of Brendan Cowell for the Archibald several years ago had at its core, traditional painting techniques of portraiture, but also suggestions of a violent and grotesque primeval landscape that was immensely dense.  One could not help but be reminded of Goya.  Its modernity however, embodied a range of emotional states reminiscent of the psychological landscape of the 20th Century. 

I am thrilled that after a break from her work due to her commitment as a mother, Megan has decided to pick up the paintbrush again.  I very much look forward to seeing her continue to push the envelope with her future body of work.


Dr Ian Hill